Steve Hall

Steve Hall

Steve Hall is a marketing professional, publisher, writer, consultant, photographer and all-around lover of advertising. Steve has held management positions in media and account service at Leo Burnett, Starcom/Mediavest and others working on such accounts as Reebok, Marriott, and Marshmallow Fluff.

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Kill facebook article

This is How Facebook is Going to Die

Can Zuckerberg, whose baby now realizes 41% of its quarterly advertising revenue from smartphone and tablet-centric promotions, really make a go of it when recent Pew research find teens have a "waning enthusiasm for Facebook"?

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Is 'BIC For Her' Really A Social Media Debacle?

So everyone's got their panties in a twist over the BIC for Her pen situation. It's being called a social media disaster, a debacle and, yes, yet another example of a brand asleep at the social media ...

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Did SXSW Really Suck This Year?

It seems there's a lot of negative reaction to this year's SXSW. Revision3's Jim Louderback complains he's been blackballed and wonders why the event still needs panels...even though he snuck in and p...

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How the Geeks Will Inherit Cannes Lions

Advertising Age just published a round up of last week's Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and took a look at five of the hottest topics discussed. There was controversy surrounding the judging of t...

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Marketers Overshadow Geeks at SXSW

SXSW starts today and if yesterday was any indication, brands will have the biggest presence ever at the five day interactive conference in Austin. Historically, the gathering has always been for uber...

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Should A Brand Pull An Ad Because Commentary Turns Ugly?

As you may have heard, DirecTV has pulled its latest ad featuring a fictional character Tommy, "The Truth" Thompson, from YouTube because the comments became a bit harsh. Central to the debate was the...

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The Line Between Advertising And Editorial is Gone. Is That A Good Thing?

It's funny how quickly things change. When Adrants launched in 2001 and then became a business in 2003, things were still pretty traditional. Banners ruled. DSP stood for digital signal processing (no...

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Why Advertising Will Never Portray Reality

In the U.K., where the ever watchful, hawk-eyed Advertising Standards Authority keeps things in check, making a person better looking than they do in real life is now grounds for having your ad banned...

Stringio article

Why Axe's 'Headless Breasts' Ad is Strategically Sound

While some have said the new BBH-created Axe work - a departure from the agency's brilliant Keifer Sutherland/Susan Glenn spot - is a sad return to the brand's roots where mostly women and sometimes m...

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Why the Death of the Ad Critic is a Bad Thing

Bob Garfield? Quit. Barbara Lippert? Fired. Lewis Lazare? Fired. Stuart Elliott? Oddly, the last major ad critic standing. What's going on here? Is there no value seen in advertising commentary? No cr...


Steve Hall: Advertising Guy and Publisher of Adrants

I'm an ad guy. I've spent years on the agency side in several areas including media, account service and new business. Now much of my time is spent ......


Steve Hall

Adrants is published by Steve Hall who's done time in media, account management and new business at, among others, Leo Burnett, Starcom/ Mediavest, ......

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