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Steve Hall

Steve Hall is a marketing professional, publisher, writer, consultant, photographer and all-around lover of advertising. Steve has held management positions in media and account service at Leo Burnett, Starcom/Mediavest and others working on such accounts as Reebok, Marriott, and Marshmallow Fluff.

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Creative vs account services article

10 things agencies can do to stop "creative vs. account" battles - Central Desktop Blog

Agency managers vs. agency creatives: it's a relationship often fraught with friction and discord. How can you find a healthy balance between the two sides?...

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Why Marketers Must Adapt to The Collaborative Economy

For the better part of the past year, Altimeter Group analyst Jeremiah Owyang has been trumpeting what he calls the collaborative economy. Loosely defined, it’s all about people getting what they need and want from each other without buying. Think Uber, BlackJet, Rent the Runway, Airbnb, LendingClub, etc. I reached out to Jeremiah to ask him what this shift means for brands and how they need to rethink their marketing efforts to mirror the changes brought about by the oncoming collaborative economy.

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How to Get Agency Employees to Adopt Change Smoothly

I reached out to several folks in ad agency space and asked them how they face change, deal with feet-draggers and successfully convince and inspire people to adopt the necessary changes an agency faces as it grows, wins new clients or gets acquired.

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What Creatives Want From Account Managers

In a nutshell, a creative wants a trusted, enthusiastic partner who can bring insight, savvy, honesty and inspiration to the table.

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Why Collaboration is Crucial For Agencies

Collaboration. There’s a lot of talk about how it can help improve workflow and your end product. There’s the notion that two minds are better than one. And there’s the notion that when you’re on a team, each team member motivates the other to achieve greater things…and to achieve them on time!

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What Account Managers Want From Creatives

It’s an age-old battle…uh. excuse me…relationship between agency account managers and agency creatives. It’s a relationship that, at times, can be the best kind of relationship and, sadly, at other times, can be the most disastrous.

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How Small Agencies Can Steal Business From Large Holding Companies

Just because your ad agency is big doesn't mean your better. Sometimes small is the way to go.

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How to Avoid A Walking Dead Ad Trend

If you hadn’t noticed, in the world of advertising, things come and things go. What’s cool today is passé the next. It’s a fickle business with an inherent lemming-like underpinning that almost requires brands to quickly jump on the latest trend lest they be viewed as stodgy and out of touch.

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How (And Why) Video Can Increase Conversion Rates

Since the advent of YouTube, and even before, online video has become (or most certainly should become) an integral component of every marketer’s tool kit. Why? Because people are visual, they like to be entertained and when they want the answer to a question, they don’t want to work too hard to get it. Video delivers on all three fronts.

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7 Reasons Brand Blogging Beats Online Advertising

A little over a decade ago, blogging was something done by individuals, certainly not big brands – or brands of any size, for that matter. Flash forward to today; everyone’s blogging.

Kenneth cole syria tweet article

Why Kenneth Cole's Syria Tweet Was Smart Marketing

While many have chastised Cole for his tweets, this is why we think his controversial tweets are smart marketing.

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Agency-Brand Collaboration: Who Owns Social?

In the early days of social media, the market was flooded with “social media gurus” and agencies that added social media-related bullet points to their new business decks a...

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Can Big Data Exist Alongside The Big Idea?

Too much reliance on data can harm creativity, but big data offers some real benefits to marketers who can find the middle ground.

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Collaboration’s Impact on Real-Time Marketing

To move at the speeds required by real-time marketing, you need fast-moving teams powered by key decision makers and you need collaboration processes firmly in place. There is no time for lengthy approval processes.

Woman w award winning winner istock 000015814412small 620x350 article

Do advertising awards matter?

Just over a month ago, the world’s advertising industry descended upon Cannes, France, for its annual Festival of Creativity. At this event, agencies the world over are awarded for their creativity and, in a few small cases, for work that actually increased sales.